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Your Guide To Eliminate Negative Reviews From The Internet

Reputation Management is an indispensable strategy that most businesses neglect.  To prevail in business today, you have to take control of your organization’s online reputation, a decent part of which is needy upon what sort of reviews show up when a potential client does a Google search of your business.

A common mistake!: – 

“Why should I worry about negative reviews when I have various other strategies and aspects to look upon?”

Here’s why: –

Terrible reviews straightforwardly influence your business’s main concern by heading out clients. As per ReviewTrackers’ overview, 94 percent of purchasers report that an online review convinced them to evade a specific business. This number is troubling in light of the fact that the online profile is now one of the main ways that people learn about it. In 2017, 93 percent of customers checked online reviews when choosing whether or not to work with a local firm.

Online reviews also carry a lot of weight with consumers. Research from BrightLocal reveals that 85 percent of people value reviewers’ opinions as much as they would a friend or family member’s personal recommendation. Moreover, 40 percent of individuals would avoid a business because of a negative review.

Other than dismissing expected clients, awful online reviews can hurt your organization’s SEO. In an ongoing overview led by Moz, online reviews represented up to 10 percent of local search engine ranking decisions. Subsequently, having various helpless reviews can make your organization’s site show up farther down the page in a Google search.

Remember, all of these factors eventually impact your sales negatively!

Even though it is a matter of being cautious, it is not a matter of panicking. Before you can start to address your negative reviews, you’ll have to distinguish which ones are the most dangerous. To achieve this, you can do various Google results for your organization name and see what negative reviews come up.  Read the entirety of your reviews carefully and search for regular grievances that you have to address or issues you’ve just fixed. Once you have recognized which negative reviews to target, you can choose how you need to manage them.

You have several options:

  • You can fix your business to solve the issue and try not to get any more bad reviews,
  • You can attempt to get the site to erase them,
  • You can respond to them in hopes of resolving the reviewer’s objection and getting them to revise their review,
  • You can publish so numerous positive reviews that you essentially suppress the negative voices.


3 major steps to eliminate negative reviews: –

  1. Restore your business

The initial step is to perceive what you can do to address those basic complaints. While you should give such a significant amount of weight to discourteous and harsh reviews, if a similar issue keeps coming up, it’s probably influencing undeniably a greater number of customers than simply those ready to complain about the Internet. Find and address those issues before you do whatever else; tuning in to your faultfinders and acting in like manner is your best instrument for forestalling bad reviews on the Internet.

  1. Respond to negative reviews

Your next instrument is to just reply to reviews. Particularly for locales that won’t erase bad online reviews, answering a review can be an amazing asset since it transforms an uneven perspective on your business into one where a potential customer can see the two sides of the issue.


With regards to answering, there’s a bunch of rules you have to adhere to for the best impact:

  • Utilize basic politeness. Being pleasant, powers the critic to likewise be respectful; particularly if there’s a bad review, it will force a contrast between the raging critic and the polite business owner. If you are at fault, apologize and see what you can do to resolve the situation. Regularly, showing that you’ve heard their grievances and that you care can do a ton to extract a bad review.
  • If there’s another side to the story, lay it out clearly and concisely without blaming the critic. Making the critic mindful of the data the person may not know (or bringing up data they’ve intentionally forgotten about) mitigates a bad review.
  • Never make legal threats or “out” the critic under their genuine name; doing so can get your reaction taken out.
  1. Cover negative reviews

Another exceptionally successful strategy for managing negative reviews is to just power a difference between a modest bunch of bad reviews and a surge of good ones. Urge your customers to review you on sites by adding a link for your site, in your social media presence, and in your emails. Post signs asking those with a positive encounter to review you online and those with a bad one to come to see you by and by to discuss it. The surge of positive reviews will frequently be a ground-breaking counter to even the most hostile critic.


In addition to producing positive reviews, it’s smart to create content that will rank higher than your negative reviews on a Google search result page. This content can incorporate social media posts, articles, or postings on business sites. Do not assume that you can overlook your organization’s online reputation after you have effectively tended to your bad reviews. You should constantly screen your search results to keep steady over any negative content.

If you need assistance managing negative reviews, contact Ethos Global Solutions for a discussion. We’ll assist you with working up a positive presence online to balance even the most exceedingly terrible review. Our years of experience and a global clientele make us consistent in our work and expert in our field. Eventually, you should be the one responsible for characterizing your organization’s standing, not outsiders on the Internet.

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