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Online Reputation Management why businesses need it even more today?

What is Online Reputation Management?

The Internet is a cornucopia of information and knowledge, which is why everyone “Google’s it.”

The consumer has never been savvier before. Whether it’s shopping, visiting a doctor, joining a gym or planning a holiday, online reviews become an important source of information that helps consumers make a choice.

The advent of 3G changed the world market by making the mobile phone a powerful instrument for expressing views and uploading reviews in an instant on various social media platforms.

With 4.78 billion mobile phone users in the world, it’s easy to understand how the reputation of a business can go up or down within minutes, through their online reviews.

That is why every business needs to maintain its online reputation in real-time. As new competitors enter the market, as consumers change, every business needs to keep up its popularity and thereby, its sales and profits.

An Online Reputation Management (ORM) company provides precisely this service. It helps actively promote a brand using various social media platforms.

By ensuring that the brand is prioritized during Internet searches on all search engines (search engine optimization, SEO).

That it’s promos are focused on suitable consumers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter and that SEO occurs even on online shopping portals like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and so on.

Besides social media and online shopping, an ORM company also provides actual web content through the creation of a dedicated, dynamic website, establishing a blog, generating blog posts, and sharing these links on social media and marketing platforms.

An ORM company also aids in playing down negative online reviews and social media uploads and guiding and suggesting how to neutralize adverse online information about a brand or a company.

And Ethos Global Solutions knows this better than anyone else!

Online Reputation Management

So, What more is there in Online Reputation Management?

ORM is more than just brand promotion, SEO and review management. Every brand or company needs a convincing story of its quality, its value for money and its reliable service or after-sales service.

At Ethos Global Solutions, we understand the complexity and dynamic nature of such information and we help this information to reach the right consumers through the right platforms.

To do this, our team does extensive research of the current impact of consumer opinion of a brand or company it is servicing, provides feedback regarding this to the client, suggests ways and means enhance and improve it and executes actions to realize this.

ORM is denser than just SEO. While with the SEO service, we focus on ranking multiple webpages on different keywords &andqueries on the of the search engine result page (SERP).

We also engineer different positive results on any brand-specific keyword, which helps to fill up the first page of search results.

More precisely, SEO aims to rank one website on as many queries as possible, and the goal of ORM is to fill the search result page with preferred content on a brand-specific keyword.

Does Online Reputation Management really work?

ORM is not a magic wand that helps to delete a link, result or a review from the Internet. A respectable ORM company does not indulge in black-hat SEO tactics like negative SEO or spammy-linking; we strictly follow the ethical and legal ways.

So then how does it actually work for a client?

Let’s understand a few key terms of ORM

Lifting-Up & Pushing-Down

Bury down or push down is a frequently used word in Reputation Management. This does play an important role in ensuring that the first page of a website, search engine or a social media platform, tells a positive story of a brand or company. It is also called suppression.

Suppression involves pushing down unwanted and negative search results from Google’s first result page so that they get buried onto a page which most consumers will not reach.

This is not as; however, it’s not that easy as it sounds. To bury one URL ranking on the 3rd position of Google means we need to change the position of a thousand other URLs on Google, which needs a dedicated team of experts.

Ranking a single website on the search engine and ranking 7 different URLs is clearly not the same thing, so you can see the difference between ORM & SEO and why ORM is more complex than SEO.

Because you need to push down one URL from the first page means you need to create better content to compete and rank higher than a particular link.

SERP diversity

The content of the SERP consists not only of 10 different webpage rankings according to the search engine algorithms but also provide results relevant to a user depending on the keywords used, browsing history and sometimes.

Even the opinions expressed by the user on social media platforms and on Google reviews, especially if the user is signed in using the Gmail ID when making a search.

Hence, the SERP is driven by a much more diverse set of Internet elements which include websites, images, videos, maps, reviews, search ads, related searches, Google My Business (GMB) listing and ‘rich snippets’.

Search results on Google which give more information and on which a user is more likely to click for such information.

At Ethos Global Solutions, we ensure that this diverse spectrum of the SERP is considered when optimizing our client’s visibility on the Internet.

What then is the difference between ORM and public relations?

ORM is not simply a public relations service. Although it may appear to be so at first glance, the scope of public relations is much narrower –ORM covers a much broader ground than that.

Public relations is principally a service of mediating between a consumer and a service provider or a brand company and providing answers to queries, dealing with consumer dissatisfaction, correcting lack of service or malfunctioning goods.

ORM, on the other hand, involves understanding the USPs of a product, brand or company, helping in promoting it through innumerable online platforms, reviewing its online reputation and public opinion all across the globe.

Making instantaneous changes and corrections as needed on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis to maintain and enhance its online salability and reputation.

Through source coding and other technology to ensure that the brand, company or product remains always optimally present across all Internet platforms.

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Know more about Ethos Global Solutions

Long story short, your investors, potential buyers, business partners, stockholders, and even your loyal customers all depend on what the Internet tells them about you and help them decide whether to invest in your stocks, buy your product or use your services.

With more than 3.4 billion Internet users across the globe, it is vital for any reputable brand or company to leave this management in the hands of experts.

Ethos Global Solutions is a leading reputation management company working with global experience. We have unmatched results with our clients.

Our CEO, Elizabeth Kelly has a handpicked team of experienced professionals who are dedicated and passionate about giving every client the best.

Our experts span different countries, including United States, United Arab Emirates, India and Russia big our clients’ dreams are, we strive to achieve them, giving our best always.

Our promises are real! Your reputation is our business.

 Elizabeth Kelly Ethos Dubai

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