Reputation Management: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Online reputation management ( ORM )

Online reputation management (ORM) is a process of monitoring and maintaining the reputation of any business or brand online. ORM plays an important role in digital marketing, reputation management aims to get rid of negative reviews about a company, person and brand from the internet by providing new content online that pushes previous or unwanted content lower in search results.

Why your business needs ORM

People on the internet always read the reviews about the product before making any purchase so it is necessary to maintain a positive rating & review about your product or service. ORM helps to get rid of bad reviews of customers by pushing previous or unwanted reviews lower in search results so that we can attract more customers for our business effectively & easily.

Online reviews

  • Online referrals – 65% of customers come from online referrals, means you need to get more customers positive reviews for your business as it will help you to build a better referral list. Also, use review emails and review forms to get customers honest reviews about the business and improve on the basis on them.
  • Improve your brand visibility – Build a better brand image from getting more positive reviews and good ratings on different platforms. Consumers trust online reviews as it works for them as a recommendation and just one negative review can drastically decrease the user engagement towards your business.
  • Improve Sales – the chances of getting more conversions and sale increase with the increase in your ratings. People are more convinced with good ratings and build trust for the products and services as they see the ratings as recommendations from other users.

Process of Online Reputation Management

Orm involves around 3 important factors –

Monitoring transparent

  1. Monitoring – In this digital era, users have so many mediums like FB, Twitter, Blogs, forums where they can express their feeling and user experience freely, so we have to be available on all the platforms, to engage with them and speak with them. Engaging with the customers is essential because you can know the good and bad aspect of your business, know if there any technical difficulty in operating the platform and many more…

ORM tools for monitoring

  • Google alerts – informs you whenever it finds new results—such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research, that match the user’s search term.
  • Hootsuitea social media managing platform, where anyone can easily manage multiple social media account at ease.
  • TweetDeckis a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts.

Other ORM managing platforms like –, socialmention, Buffer, buzzlogic, Sprout Social etc.

Know more about free SEO tools here – Google Best Free Tools

2. PreventingNothing is as bad for business as a bad reputation, to prevent it you should be active on all the platforms to know what others are saying about your business and engage with them quickly.

Writing transparent

Factors ORM extends with –

  • Your name
  • Your brand
  • Your products
  • High profile employees

Most important social channels-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

3. CleaningIn cleaning, we try to avoid and remove any negative comments and reviews related to our business. We work on cleaning what damage was done and work on creating a good image of your business.

Reviews transparent

Here are some tactics and tricks you can use to avoid and remove negative reviews

  • You can contact the person who drops the review and solve their problem and request to change their review.
  • In case of scam or fake review, you can request the google to remove the review according to their guidelines.
  • If it is against the law you can contact government officials of help.
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