The Latest News about Artificial Intelligence you need to know in 2020


What is the role of AI in today’s world?

The 21st century can be considered as the era of AI, we witness the immense growth of AI. How it’s getting more & more popular in the world. Actually, to be honest, we are getting more dependent to AI each day. Now AI is not just limited to a ‘sci-fi’ movie topic like “terminator” or “the matrix” but also the future of computer learning and technology.

From Google to Amazon, Elon to Zuckerberg every one is using AI in their business and have a different perspective for AI. Elon sees AI as “potentially more dangerous than nukes”, on the other side Zuckerberg sees it as a “program which will improve humans life”.

AI is basically “Artificial intelligence” means a computer program which can think like a human brain for problem-solving, AI is ubiquitous in today’s digital world. It tells you what to read, eat, buy, try, watch,  listen. Involving more and more in a user daily life.

Many consider the power of AI as a threat and its rapid development in technology will soon reduce the employment opportunities to none. But to be honest, we can’t predict that yet, in one hand it will make jobs & tasks easier for humans but on the other hand robots and AI machine replace humans.

Take an example from the origin of modern-day computers, many industries and businesses grow with its help, many sectors were affected badly through it but in the present day, it became an important part of our life.

AI in Digital Marketing

AI is no doubt going to play a major role in digital marketing in near future, its already transforming the face of digital marketing, with the help of AI technologies businesses are changing and optimizing the many different marketing tasks and marketing automating helping them to build better customer experience with less human errors.

Involvement of AI in Digital marketing

From Google rank brain algorithms to Apple’s Siri, from Amazon recommendation to tesla self-driving car, Ai is there and it’s changing the face of today’s digital marketing. With creating content to analysing the data effectively, AI is involved in digital marketing to save the manpower, time and resources through automated marketing services.

The most popular marketing sectors where AI is working are;


Maybe the most popular AI function in the marketing industry. Big brands and business use chatbox as a virtual assistant to improve their customer’s experience.

With the help of chatbots, companies can easily interact with their customers, answer their queries, speeds up the payment process, provides a quick response, boosts engagement & helps in the lead building with less manpower and human error. You can add chatbots to the websites, emails and apps.


The most common AI which works continuously on our devices to give us more and more relevant content. This AI data analysis strategies are far quicker and more accurate than any human capability.

I mean from google discover, youtube recommendation, social media feeds to e-commerce product we interact with this AI all the time and each time it reads more our brain so that next time it can give us more engaging content. Most of the platforms are consistently improving their AI to build a better customer base and drive more conversion.


This AI may bring the biggest revolution in the e-commerce industry, I mean we all have tried the “Lenskart try on” in our phones. Imagine if we can try all product before buying them, we can try shoes, clothing and many more just with the help of our smart devices.

This will be a brand new shopping experience for all the users, imagine instead of swiping the product images we can try them before purchasing them. Many brands are already experimenting with different versions of AI to enhance the user shopping experience.


Consider it as the future of advertisement, with better understanding even a particular user behaviour AI can automatically create a highly engaging ad for the users and decide what to show for better return and higher conversion on the ads.

Just take a simple example from google ads, it can automatically generate the ad headlines for your website, manages the auction-based system, decides whether show the ad to a particular user or not, optimizing conversions and better ad placement. Many ad network companies use AI for better user segmentation and analysing ad future performance.

Along with these, there are many other AI working on other branches on digital marketing like content creation, content curation, website builder, analysing large data, voice search, search prediction and many many more…

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