Ethos Global Solutions is fueled by Elizabeth Kelly and its team by values, hard work, and passion to provide top-notch reputation management services. Our team of experts that hails from many corners of the world, namely, Russia, United States, India, & UAE.

Team EGS has individuals who are unwavering and persevering individually but are up and running towards a common goal. Our team’s well-synchronized efforts not only make our projects successful but ensure smooth execution. The team has not just helped them to recover from indignity but additionally supported their online personality in the business. Team EGS Dubai is capable of acting inside-out investigates, business promotions, and positive marketing.


Elizabeth Kelly

Even after coming from a multifaceted background, Elizabeth Kelly has proved herself as a kaleidoscope of persistence, adaptability, and trustworthiness. Her enthusiasm for freedom and building up a stable career has gotten underway at an extremely young age.

Elizabeth's vision for Ethos Global Solutions was way beyond sheer imagination and conventional thoughts. She is someone who looked beyond the mere thoughts of old school traditions. Miss Kelly began her career as a model, and concurrently, she worked as a corporate training professional. She never looked back ever in her career and went on to scale some immense growth and success. Her zeal for Public Relations and Reputation took a jumpstart when she began to contribute to some of the most prominent domains like Aviation, Interior Designing business, and so on.

A tough lady who comprehended what she needed was UNSTOPPABLE. Miss Kelly earned high praise for the digital media domain. Her spirit for Public relations & remodelling of brand Perception, & interest towards digitization, paved the way for the foundation of her own Online Reputation Management Company. Speaking of the elite list, Telecommunications Businesses, Real Estate Businesses, Large Scale Retail Businesses, Hospitality Sector, Entertainment world, chief officers, athletes, etc. & improvised their cyber records.

Along with a few of the notable religious institutions around were inclusive. Miss Kelly ensured her global outreach to countries like Russia, Africa, the United States of America, India, and Canada. A notable fashion brand's image makeover came over as one of the most significant achievements in her career. Her judicious approach not only gave new heights to her career but also helped in restructuring the overall functioning of many businesses around.

She has significantly contributed to the overall growth and these entities. She keeps on being an amazingly powerful individual who is making her own unique space in the ORM world. With her clientele base all across the globe, Miss Kelly intends to take her organization to a higher and better stature of accomplishments. She has further ensured the integration of some of the best specialists from various countries while simultaneously giving new heights to their careers. She firmly places her belief in commitment & quality and further intends to ensure some significant contribution to her domain along with cybersecurity & technological advancement.

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