Are SMM and SMO same?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, I’m sure there is not one among these that you have not heard of. Remember creating your first Facebook account and coming across the profile of your long lost friend from high school? Was that not a bliss? Mind it, that day was the game-changer. Your life changed with one click and we sprinted ahead since then without looking back.

Digital Marketing’s integration with Social Media was probably the most irreplaceable discovery in the history of online marketing. Think of it in this way, a lot of people used the internet on their daily basis for making various kinds of searches, but do you realize a huge number of people used the internet for the first time because they created a social media account! Amazing isn’t it? Socializing brought a huge stir into the world of the internet. Incorporation of digital marketing with social media gave birth to Social Media Marketing! How can promoting your business can ever go wrong over social media today? There is an immense amount of customer base available there, from teens to businesses, to bloggers, vloggers, corporate folks. With time changing rapidly, a study published in Synthesio, says 69% of adults that is, people between the age of 50 to 64 and 40% of the people above 65 today use social media!

It was a turning point for business when they realized the value of social media sites and saw it as more than just a place to mingle. Eventually, businesses picked up on the pragmatic effects of social media and began to create their own social media profiles.

What is social media marketing?

Also known as “conversational marketing”, it is that form of marketing that uses Social Media platforms and such websites to promote products, services, and information. Social media marketing has become extremely popular with time. Social media marketing takes your brands directly to the living, dining, or bedrooms of your potential customers.

Benefits of SMM

  • Creation of awareness: social media platforms are where most of the people are today. Creating awareness or rather call it “buzz” gives popularity and recognition to your brand/business among customers.
  • Consumer Satisfaction: this platform allows feedback, acknowledgment, engagement, and interaction of business and consumer. Staying attentive and responding to your potential or existing buyers can keep them satisfied. The immediacy of contact that is brought along SMM is an advantage.
  • Its cost-effective: If you have hands-on experience then this is an extremely cost-effective way for you to market your products. Using an SMM expert will result to be more cost-effective than any other marketing channel.
  • Gaining insights: Once you have followers you can use various tools to analyze various information like their age, sex, gender, location, etc. Based on the following information one can create different segments and target their customers according to the niche.

What is SMO? 

SMO refers to Social Media Optimization. There is a thin line between SMO and SMM. SMO is a part of SMM, whereas SMM is a different branch in Digital Marketing.

Social Media Optimization is like SEO, but here the traffic is derived for social media profiles. It includes: –

RSS feeds: this feed allows you to access updates to websites in a standardized format which is computer-readable. You can keep track of many websites with single news aggregator.

Social news and social bookmarking: this allows organizing, store, searching, and managing bookmarks of web pages. Users can share links or bookmarks that they like on these sites.

Video blogging: also goes by the name of video log and shortened to “vlog” is a blog but the medium here becomes video.

These are few forms through which SMO is done, however, it’s much more than just this. There are various steps involved in SMO, they are: –

  • Creation of a plan: nothing ever can work without a plan. Getting up from your chair and going to get water also has a pre-stored mini-plan in your head. Creation of plan about the kind of customers you want to target, methods, and tools you are going to use, investment, etc is necessary before starting off with SMO.
  • Make a social media profile: create a social media profile for your brand or business according to the keyword that has maximum search volume.
  • Posting: making time to time posts is necessary. This keeps users engaged. Keep giving your audience fresh and updated content related to your niche.
  • Schedule your posts: you can use various SMM tools to schedule your posts. This will save you from logging in again and again to your account and will assist you in updating posts from time to time automatically.
  • Inclusion of Social Media buttons: include social media buttons on your profile that will link to your website or other social profiles. There are various online tools that make this possible for you.
  • Monitoring: monitoring of analytics of your social profile is necessary. You need to be aware of the traffic that is coming to your social profiles. Once you monitor you will know the necessary changes you need to make.

What is the SMO/SMM strategy?























The very clear difference is an on-page alteration of the social media profiles whereas SMM is done off-site as well, for example participating in online communities and have direct interaction with customers. SMO is a part of SMM but it is not vice versa. However, they are interdependent because, without SMO, SMM would not be efficient enough.


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