Are SMM and SMO same?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, I’m sure there is not one among these that you have not heard of. Remember creating your first Facebook account and coming across the profile of your long lost friend from high school?


Why ORM is important for a Yacht Industry

A wise man who emphasizes on “Reputation” and its essence. You must be familiar with the name “Warren Buffet” & if not, he is not just one of the most influential business tycoons but also the third richest man in the world. Why did we mention him? He said, “It takes 20 years to build […]

Online Reputation Management

How search engines impact your online reputation

Who doesn’t want a good online reputation as it is the base of your entire business? In this non-stop running generation where people don’t have enough time to eat, they rely on online business for so many services. From ordering food to buy clothes to

Online Reputation Management

Your guide to online reputation management

There are a lot of delusions about online reputation management. People generally think that it is some kind of social media monitoring whereas some think that it has something to do with public relations

SEO Tips

Top Seo tips for Ecommerce Website in 2019

Your website needs to be easily found by your customers if you are selling products online. This means that you need to appear in the first position of Google SERPs. The SEO tips not only assist your e-commerce website to